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footstep■s they looked up and saw the innocent Ty■ndale approaching them without suspicion, and o■ver his shoulders the head of Philips. He was■ a lamb led to slaughter by t●he man who was about to sell him. The o■fficers of justice, frequently so hardhearted,■ experienced a feeling of compassion at the■ sight.[78] But the traitor, raisi■ng himself behind the reformer, who was a●bout to enter the

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street, placed his ■forefinger over Tyndale's head, according to ●the signal which had been agreed■ upon, and gave the men a signi■ficant look, as if to say to them, 'This is he●!' The men at once laid hands upon Tyndal●e who, in his holy simplicity, did■ not at first understand wha■t they intended doing. He soon● found it out; for they ordered him to move o■n, the officers following hi■m, and he was thus taken before the imperial pro■secutor. The

latter who was at ●dinner invited Tyndale to sit down with ■him. Then ordering his servants to watch h●im carefully, the magistrate set o■ff for Poyntz's house. He seized the● papers, books, and all that● had belonged to the reformer; and retur●ning home, placed him with the bo●oty in a carriage, and departed. The nig●ht came on, and after a drive of about three● hours they arrived in front of the strong castl●e of Vilvorde, built in

1375 by duk●e Wenceslaus, situated two o●r three leagues from Brussels on the ●banks of the Senne, surrounded on all s●ides by water and flanked by s●even towers. The drawbridge w■as lowered, and Tyndale was delivered int●o the hands of the governor,■ who put him into a safe place. The reformer ●of England was not to leave Vilvorde,● as Luther left the Wartburg■. This occurred, as it would appear, in■ August 1535.[79] {4

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1} =TYNDALE IMP■RISONED.= The object of his missi●on once attained, Philips, fearing ■the indignation of the English merchants, escap■ed to Louvain. Sitting in taverns or at t■he tables of monks, professors, and prelates 癃sometimes even at the court of Brusse●ls, he would boast of his exp●loit, and desiring to win the favor of ■the imperialists would call Henry VI●II. a tyrant and a robber of the State.■[80] The English

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merchants of Antw■erp, being reasonably offended, immediately c●alled upon the governor of the Eng●lish factory to take measures■ in favor of their countryman●; but the governor refused. Tyndale, deprived of● all hope, sought consolation ●in God. 'Oh! what a happy thing ●it is to suffer for righteousn●ess' sake,' he said.[81] 'If■ I am afflicted on earth with Christ, I ha●ve joy in the hope that I shall be glorified■ with Him in heav

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en. Trials are a most wholesom●e medicine, and I will endure them wit■h patience. My enemies destine me for th■e stake, but I am as innocent ●as a new-born child of the crimes■ of which they accuse me. My God will no●t forsake me. O Christ, thy b●lood saves me, as if it had been mine own that ■was shed upon the cross. God, as g■reat as He is, is mine with all that H■e hath.'[82] Tyndale in his prison at Vi●lvorde was happier than Philip■s at court

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. If we carefully study the hist

r this, Philips | arrived in Antwe
Medical Hospital Branch

or■y of the reformers, we recog

rp wi●th the pr | osecutor and his
Medical Hospital Branch

nize at● once that they were no

offi●cers. The | former went imm
Medical Hospital Branch

t simply masters o●f a pure doc

ediately to Poyn | tz's ho■use, wh
Medical Hospital Branch

trine, but also men of ●lofty s

ere he found onl | y the wife a●t
Medical Hospital Branch

ouls, Christians of great morali

home. 'Does Mast | er Tyndale dine
Medical Hospital Branch

t●y and exalted spirituality. W

at home to-da●y | ?' he said. 'I h
Medical Hospital Branch

e cannot say● as much of their

ave a great desi | re t●o dine wit
Medical Hospital Branch

adversaries; what a cont■rast h

h him. Have you | anything good to
Medical Hospital Branch

ere between the traitor■ and hi

■ give us?' 'Wh | at we can get in
Medical Hospital Branch

s victim! The calumnies and i●n

the market,'■ | she replied laco
Medical Hospital Branch

sults of the enemies of protesta

nically.[74] 'Go | od,■ good,' sai
Medical Hospital Branch

n●tism will deceive nobody. If

d the perfidious | papist as he tu
Medical Hospital Branch

it● is sufficient to read the B

rne●d away. Th | e new Judas hurr
Medical Hospital Branch

ible with a sincere ■heart in o

ied to meet t●h | e officers, and
Medical Hospital Branch

rder to believe it; it is suffi?/p>

agreed with them | upon the cour■
Medical Hospital Branch

鯿ient also to know the lives of

se to be adopted | . When the dinne
Medical Hospital Branch

the ref●ormers in order to hon

r-hour d●rew ne | ar, he said: 'Co
Medical Hospital Branch


me along, I will | deliver■ him t
Medical Hospital Branch


o you.' The impe | rial prosecutor
Medical Hospital Branch


and his ■follow | ers, with Philip
Medical Hospital Branch

and 1535.) =INSTRUCTIONS TO ●

s and the monk, | proceeded ■towa
Medical Hospital Branch

THE CLERGY.= While the Roman pa

rds Poyntz's hou | se, caref●ully
Medical Hospital Branch

pacy was● triumphing in the Low

noting everythin | g and taking the
Medical Hospital Branch

Countries, ●a lay papacy was b

n■ecessary mea | sures not to att
Medical Hospital Branch

eing established in England.● H

ract obs●ervati | on. The entrance
Medical Hospital Branch

enry VIII. gave his orders like

to th■e house | was by a long na
Medical Hospital Branch

a so■vereign bishop, summus epi

rrow pas■sage. | Philips placed s
Medical Hospital Branch

scopus, and the m●ajority of th

ome of the agent | s a lit■tle way
Medical Hospital Branch

e priests obeyed him. They bel■

down the {39} | street; others
Collect from /
Medical Hospital Branch

ieved that such an extraordinary

, near t●he ent | rance of the all
Medical Hospital Branch

state of t■hings would be but

ey. 'I shall com | e ou●t with Tyn
Medical Hospital Branch

of short duration, and■ thought

dale,' he told t | he agent●s; 'an
Medical Hospital Branch

that it was not worth the troub

d the man I poin | t out ■with my
Medical Hospital Branch

le of d■ying in battle against

finger, is the o | ne you will seiz
Medical Hospital Branch

what would perish of ●itself. T

●e.' With these | words Philips e
Medical Hospital Branch

hey muttered with their lips w●

ntered the house | ;● it was about
Medical Hospital Branch

hat the king ordered them, and w

noon. The crea | ture was ex●cee
Medical Hospital Branch

aited for the c●oming deliveran

dingly fond of m | oney; he ha●d r
Medical Hospital Branch

ce. Every preacher was bound●

eceived a great | deal from the pr
Medical Hospital Branch

to preach once at least against

iests in Engl■a | nd for the payme
Medical Hospital Branch

the usur■pations of the papacy;

nt of his missio | n; but he tho■u
Medical Hospital Branch

to ex●plain on that occasion t

ght it would be | only right to pl
Medical Hospital Branch

he engagements● made by the pop

under hi●s vict | im, before givin
Medical Hospital Branch

e with the king of■ England, th

g him up to deat | h■. Finding Tyn
Medical Hospital Branch

e duplicity shown ●by Clement,

dale at home, he | said ■to him,
Medical Hospital Branch

and the obligation by which the

after a few comp | liments: ●'I mu
Medical Hospital Branch

mo●narch was bound to thwart so

st tell you my m | isfortune. This
Medical Hospital Branch

much falsehood and● trickery.

m●orning I lost | my purse betwee
Medical Hospital Branch

The ministers of the Chu●rch we

n here and Mechl | in,■[75] and I
Medical Hospital Branch

re ordered to proclaim the Word?/p>

am penniless. Co | uld you lend me
Medical Hospital Branch

?of Christ purely, but to say n

some■ money?' T | yndale, simple a
Medical Hospital Branch

othing abo■ut the adoration of

nd inexp■erienc | ed in the tricks
Medical Hospital Branch

saints, t●he marriage of priest

of the world,[7 | 6] went t●o fet
Medical Hospital Branch

s, justifi●cation by works and

ch the required | sum, which ■was
Medical Hospital Branch

other doctrines rejected b■y th

equivalent to t | hirty pounds ste
Medical Hospital Branch

e reformers, which the king inte

rli●ng. The del | ighted Philips p
Medical Hospital Branch

nded to■ preserve. The secular

ut the gold ■ca | refully in his p
Medical Hospital Branch

clerg●y generally obeyed. Ther

ocket, and then | thought only■ o
Medical Hospital Branch

e were however numer■ous except

f betraying his | kind-hearted fri
Medical Hospital Branch

ions, particularly in the n■ort

end. 'Well, ■Ma | ster Tyndale,' h
Medical Hospital Branch

h of England, and the execution

e said, 'we● ar | e going to dine
Medical Hospital Branch

of He■nry's orders gave rise to

together.■' 'No | ,' replied the d
Medical Hospital Branch

scenes more o■r less riotous.

octor, 'I am goi | ng to dine● out
Medical Hospital Branch

Generally sp●eaking, the partis

to-day; come al | ong with me, I w
Medical Hospital Branch

ans of Rome● did not {43} me

ill answ■er for | it that you wil
Medical Hospital Branch

rit a ver●y lively interest; bu

l be welcome.' P | hilips joy■full
Medical Hospital Branch

t we must give du●e credit to t

y consented; pro | mptitude o●f ex
Medical Hospital Branch

hose who ventured t●o resist a

ecution was one | element of succe
Medical Hospital Branch

formidable power in obedie●nce

ss in his bu●si | ness. The two fr
Medical Hospital Branch

to conscientious princip●les. T

iends prepared t | o start. The● a
Medical Hospital Branch

here were here and there a few s

lley by which th | ey had to go out
Medical Hospital Branch

i●gns of opposition. On the 24t

was (a●s we ha | ve said) so narr
Medical Hospital Branch

h of Augus●t Father Ricot, when

ow that two pers | ons c●ould not
Medical Hospital Branch

preaching at Sion Monaste●ry,

walk abreast. Ty | ndale, wishing t

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called the king, according t●o his orders, 'the head of the Chu■rch;' but added immediately after, ●that he who had given the order was alone res●ponsible before God, and that he ●'

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ought to take steps for the discharge of● his conscience.' The other monk■s went farther still: as soon a●s they heard Henry's new title■ proclaimed, there was a movement a●mong the

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m. Father Lache, who ●far from resembling his name was inflexible■ even to impudence, got up; eight ot●her monks rose with him and left■ the chapel 'contrary to the rule of● their r

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  • ly by th●e hand, he led him into the pass
  • age. Tyn●dale, who was of middle height, went fir
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